Want to give a makeover to your windows and overall home decor but not sure where to begin? Using the right combination of roller blinds with sheer curtains is a great way to jazz up your decor.

With dozens of styling options available, not only do curtains and blinds enhance the look and feel of your space but can also offer added benefits like privacy, lighting control, and insulation. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Plan Your Space

First things first, consider the space you want to transform. Sheer curtains and roller blinds in Melbourne come in myriad shapes and sizes where each can impact the interior of various spaces.

For instance, window styling for a bathroom would focus more on privacy or water-resistance than, say, the living room or bedroom where light control would be necessary. Deciding early will help prioritise the best option.

Match the Right Fabrics, Colors, and Patterns

When purchasing sheer curtains in Melbourne, carefully consider the right materials for every layer of your window treatment. See how every piece of fabric, shade, or color of your sheer curtains matches with your choice of roller blinds. How do they look individually? Do they blend well?

Obtain samples and check them side by side at different durations of the day. This will give you a better idea of how the colors respond to natural light during daytime and artificial light during night.

Experiment with Placements

Aligning sheer curtains and roller blinds at different angles can change the perception of your window size and even your room.

For instance, try to place your blinds well underneath the ceiling such that it doesn’t touch it. You can then fit the sheer curtains at a similar position but have it extended beyond your window frame to create an illusion of space.

Consider the Effect

Knowing what effect you want your sheer curtains and roller blinds to have is also crucial. Decide whether you want your space to feel cosy, attractive, or plain simple as you style ahead.

A light sheer curtain on a vibrant textured roller blind will make your space pop out. On the other hand, a layered roller blind with a blockout fabric paired with sheer curtains can make for a relaxing, cozy ambience.

Mix and Match Accessories

There are plenty of accessories available that you can use to customise your window decor. For instance, you can choose a curtain rod of specific color or material to match your curtains and blinds. Make sure you go with the ones with matt finishing instead of more flashy or bright colors.

You can even apply add-ons like valance, short fabrics, or other decorative drapery to hide the rod altogether and give it a dramatic effect.

Now that you know how to jazz up your window treatment, make sure you pick the right set of roller blinds and sheer curtains in Melbourne to make all the difference. And we at Integrity Blinds are there to help you out.

As dealers and experts in high-quality blinds we will help you choose the best curtains and blinds for your window treatment for home, office or school. Get in touch with us today.