External Blinds

Internal blinds have been popular in homes for eons, but many homeowners today are seeing the merits of adding external blinds to their patios and other outdoor living spaces for protecting their windows. External blinds are specially formulated for fitting onto outdoor sections of your home and are made from weather-resistant fabrics at all times.

Integrity Blinds is proud to present a range of external blind options available at cost-effective prices – offering long-term durable solutions that can both withstand weather elements and go easy on your wallet. Our external blinds are designed to retain their attractive appeal and practical performance irrespective of the unpredictable Australian weather conditions. We offer custom-made solutions to cater to different design and style choices, while helping your home with superior energy efficient solutions.

Features of our external blinds include:

  • Wide range of external blind options available for different home looks.
  • Weather resistant materials ensure blinds remain undamaged.
  • Superior window protection and enhanced internal energy efficiency.
  • Heightened insulation to prevent heat gain and heat loss.
  • Add decorative appeal to an otherwise dull outdoor façade.

Our external blind materials cater to harsh external climates, so some popular choices include polyester, canvas, fibreglass and PVC. Enjoy the innumerable options you’ll have at your disposal when you rely on Integrity Blinds for your home or office needs.

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