Dual Roller Blinds

Double or dual roller blinds are essentially two different blind materials independently set on the same window bracket and are perfect for people looking to achieve both style and function for their rooms. These separate fabrics allow you have a specific sunscreen blind, which can be brought down in the day to control sunlight and another fabric, which can be lowered during other times. Double roller blinds are typically made from sheer and block-out fabrics, allowing you the dual function of blocking out the sun completely or letting in some natural light.

At Integrity Blinds, our double roller blinds allow you to display the aesthetic beauty of your windows with gorgeous treatments built to impress. With us, you can personalise the colours, fabrics and designs to help you choose something that resonates best with your home. You have the option to choose from spring-loaded, motorised or chain-operated mechanisms to enable easy operation.

Features of our double roller blinds include:

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds with sheer and block-out materials for different functions.
  • Single bracket for minimal visual obstruction.
  • Variety of fabrics, styles and colours available to you.
  • Available as manual or automated.


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