Our timber Venetian blinds have been specially designed to cater to different styles of homes without negotiating on aesthetic appeal and practical function. Timber presents a naturally stunning look to any home and can transform the look of any room almost instantly. Our timber blinds are suited to all kinds of rooms and are available in different types of wood materials.

The timeless visual appeal of timber Venetian blinds enables them to be incorporated in any room in your home, while enhancing its decorative appeal almost instantly. At Integrity Blinds, our timber Venetian blinds resonate well with both casual and formal areas in your home and shrewdly conceal functional mechanisms to deliver high-impact visuals.

Features of our timber Venetian blinds include:

  • Superior light and privacy control for your home interiors.
  • Veiled functional mechanisms for high decorative appeal.
  • Good sound, cold and heat insulation.
  • Numerous finishes to replicate the look of your home.
  • Easy-to-remove slats for seamless cleaning.


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