Padded Pelmets

Padded pelmets are a great idea when it comes to insulating your windows. These boxes set over windows help to eliminate the loss of cooling and heat, while adding a decorative finish to your curtains and draperies. Made from a myriad of finishes, you’ll have access to numerous styles based on the existing décor of your home and even your own personal taste.

At Integrity Blinds, we offer a plethora of ranges and finishes – from modern, sleek solutions to traditional designs. The depth and shape of your padded pelmets can be customised to meet your specific homes needs. Combining padded pelmets with tiebacks, sheer curtains or full drapes can deliver classic or modern appeal based on your choices.

Features of our padded pelmets include:

  • Superior insulation to prevent heat gain or loss in your home.
  • Custom-made options available to reflect your existing décor.
  • Different styles, patterns, colours and finishes available.


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