Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are highly versatile choices for any home because they can be used for small and large doors or windows based on what you desire. They are not only artistically pleasing, but they also serve as a functional choice for any room in your home – offering a natural and sophisticated finish.

At Integrity Blinds, you will benefit from the relaxed style our panel blind options bring to your windows and doors. The tall panels stack neatly against each other and equip you with uninterrupted outdoor views – gliding effortlessly to open and shut when needed – giving you the privacy you need at all times. The lead panel is operated through a wand, which controls the gliding action of your panel blinds.

Features of our Panel blinds include:

  • Perfect for sliding windows and doors following the same operational mechanism.
  • Height adjust blind panels through a wand.
  • Offers privacy and light control without compromising on outdoor views.
  • Stylish and sophisticated appeal to your home.

When you choose our panel blinds, you have a range of material, style and colour choices for your home. We cater to individual tastes with a strong emphasis on personalisation, so find out how we can bring value to your home with our panel blinds.



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