Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters infuse traditional charm into period-style or modern homes with their classic decorative prowess and unparalleled attractiveness when paired against your windows. Used brilliantly for protecting your home from unwanted intrusions and for letting in cool breeze without opening up your home to the elements, you’ll fall in love with the myriad of plantation shutter options brought to you by Integrity Blinds – allowing you to indulge in their brilliant effects for your home.

Apart from inviting breeze into your home, the classic design of our plantation shutters injects style and class into any setting without burdening your wallet – creating emphatic character and adding value to your home. Available in timber, PVC and aluminium choices, you will benefit from a range of colours, designs, textures, patterns and styles – giving your home endless visual appeal and practical function.

Features of our plantation shutters include:

  • Variety of paints, powder coats and stains available based on your material choice.
  • Customised to any window shape and size.
  • Superior insulation to provide greater energy efficiency for your home.
  • Adds classic charm to traditional or modern home decors.

Immense stability and strength protects your home from unwanted intrusions.
Our plantation shutters serve multiple functions, whether you are looking for decorative impact or enhanced protection. Despite the level of practical function offered, we don’t concede on stylish aesthetics – giving you the chance to enjoy a gorgeous window addition that not only adds to your overall finish, but also protects you and your family in the long run.

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