Auto Awnings

Exterior Awnings are by far the best heat protection for windows in our harsh Australian climate. Choose from a number of different styles and a large range of canvas and sheer woven fabrics to suit your home.

The right choice of colours can really add to the look and value of your home. Canvas has been a proven fabric for keeping our the heat, however the sheer woven fabrics have grown in popularity and sales over the years due to their unique properties of cutting out a large amount of heat while still allowing light into the room as well as visibility out.

In more recent years, many fabrics have been treated with a protective coating to repel water and thereby cutting down the possibility of fabric becoming mouldy and eventually rotting.

Features of our external blinds include:

  • Ability to withstand weather elements with ease.
  • Auto remote operation for seamless open and close movement.
  • Protects windows from harsh sunlight and rains.
  • Variety of designer solutions for different homes.


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