The importance of sun safety is something we learn from a very young age. We all know what to do to minimise dangerous UV ray exposure at the beach or the park, but few people realise the risk of UV exposure inside their own homes and offices. In this article, we’ll explain what UV rays are and the benefits of installing protective window coverings in your home.

What Are UV Rays?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is produced by the sun and can be recreated by some artificial sources, such as solariums. The invisible rays of radiation travel through our atmosphere although most are blocked from entering by protective gases such as the Ozone layer.

There are occasions when more UV waves travel through our atmosphere and become harmful, causing sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and skin damage that can potentially lead to skin cancer. Because we cannot see UV rays, it is impossible to know if they are damaging our skin until it is too late.

Scientists have created an index to measure the incoming waves and assist people in protecting themselves. To see what the day’s UV index is, consult your usual weather source and make sun-smart decisions from there.

Ultraviolet radiation is also the best natural source of Vitamin D so it is imperative to have a healthy balance of protection and exposure to minimise damage without depriving your body of what it needs.

Avoiding UV Damage in Your Home or Office

It’s a common misconception to think that outdoor workers are the only ones at risk of sun exposure. Recent studies have shown that surprising and excessive skin damage often occurs in office workers with unprotected windows, including wrinkles, darkened spots, and sagging skin.

If you spend extensive amounts of time near an uncovered window, you are putting yourself at risk of incredibly harmful sun damage.

Besides being extremely detrimental to yourself and your family, UV exposure fades furniture, damages walls and drives up the cost of energy in your home.

Due to the lack of accessible information, a lot of people think ordinary window glass is completely resistant to UV rays. Window glass can block intense UVB rays but not UVA rays – these are less damaging but are a much more common occurrence, making up 95% of the planet’s UV exposure.

To deflect UV rays, fade-resistant sunscreen blinds are becoming increasingly popular in Auckland as a stylish and effective installation.

Sunscreen Blinds for UV Protection

Sunscreen roller blinds are designed to provide protection from the sun’s rays and heat. New technology means fabrics for roller sunscreen blinds can effectively manage glare and heat in your home or office.

You can also have a blind completely down while enjoying your views – removing the claustrophobic feeling of a shut-off room when a block out blind is in use.

There is also an option for day/night brackets where two blinds are installed on one window – the sunscreen roller blind is positioned closest to the window with an additional block out blind for privacy at night.