Choosing the correct type of blinds is not an easy task. Broadly, you can get six types of blinds like Venetian, roman, honeycomb, vertical, roller and panel glide blinds. Every type of blinds has its pros and cons. This makes decision making difficult and confusing. So, to assist you in making the right choice of blinds here we have mentioned some prime qualities which you need to look for before making a choice.

  • Fabric or Material-

Types of blinds made from fabric like roman and roller blinds, offer more versatility in style. You can choose the fabric according to your own choice and home décor. You can either go for a solid fabric or a printed one as per your preference. We suggest that a thick fabric is a great choice for insulation and metals or plastic are much easy to clean.

  • Light control and privacy-

Blinds are mainly used for covering the windows and enhancing the privacy of your walls. For example, honeycomb blinds and roller blinds can give you good coverage while Venetian blinds which have separate slats can be used for good privacy as well as ventilation.

  • Energy-saving and insulation-

When you close the blinds, they can help you block the outside air and retain leakage of heat. However, Venetian or vertical blinds might allow some leakage of heat due to the spaces between their slats. However, some blinds like roman or roller blinds are made from a single cloth and give better insulation and save energy by retaining heat in the room.

  • Efficiency and functionality-

Enhancing functionality and efficiency is one more eminent use of blinds. The blinds which are operated by using cords might seem hard to function as you need to pull up the string by exerting a lot of strength. So, in case you want to get an easy blind and hassle-free handle, you might choose mechanized or vertical blinds as a good option. Additionally, if you wish to bring in more amount of air and light to your property, then you can install slatted blinds which can be adjusted as per your preference.

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