Choosing the correct type of blinds is an important task. Each type of blind has its pros and cons, and this can make the decision making difficult and confusing. So, to assist you in making the right choice of blinds we have outlined some of main points to look for when deciding.

  • Fabric or Material-

With literally thousands of fabrics to choose from, this is often the most difficult task of all, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. We’ll assist you to narrow down the best materials to suit your décor, privacy needs, light control and climate control.

  • Light control and privacy-

Whether you work night shift and need total blockout during the day or have a nosey neighbor at night, we’ve got you covered. Nothing beats curtains and pelmets when it comes to blocking out the light while giving you the ultimate level of privacy. Or why not go for the ever-popular dual roller blinds which gives you the best of both worlds, filtered light and privacy during the day and light block with total privacy at night. Whatever your needs, we’ve got the right blinds for you.

  • Energy-saving and insulation-

We all know the heat of an Aussie summer. The sun blaring through the window, turning your brown carpet blue and your electricity bill through the roof. Or chilly Melbourne mornings with frost on the glass and the heater on full pelt. With the right window coverings those long hot days or blistering cold nights can be a little more comfortable with the help of Integrity blinds. We can provide you with outside awnings that block those UV rays from hitting the windows in the first place or lovely thick curtains that allow you to enclose the room and hunker down for a movie night with popcorn.

If you want premium Australian made blinds, you’ve come to the right place. We devotedly work towards offering stylish window coverings which are a blend of design, function, and superior quality. Our blinds are available in a variety of colours, styles and materials and can suit any budget. So, browse through our collection and learn about our custom made window furnishings to suit your property.