Top Four Qualities You Must Look At While Choosing Blinds In Croydon

Choosing the correct type of blinds is not an easy task. Broadly, you can get six types of blinds like Venetian, roman, honeycomb, vertical, roller and panel glide blinds. Every type of blinds has its pros and cons. This makes decision making difficult and confusing. So, to assist you in making the right choice of blinds here we have mentioned some prime qualities which you need to look for before making a choice.

  • Fabric or Material-

Types of blinds made from fabric like roman and roller blinds, offer more versatility in style. You can choose the fabric according to your own choice and home décor. You can either go for a solid fabric or a printed one as per your preference. We suggest that a thick fabric is a great choice for insulation and metals or plastic are much easy to clean.

  • Light control and privacy-

Blinds are mainly used for covering the windows and enhancing the privacy of your walls. For example, honeycomb blinds and roller blinds can give you good coverage while Venetian blinds which have separate slats can be used for good privacy as well as ventilation.

  • Energy-saving and insulation-

When you close the blinds, they can help you block the outside air and retain leakage of heat. However, Venetian or vertical blinds might allow some leakage of heat due to the spaces between their slats. However, some blinds like roman or roller blinds are made from a single cloth and give better insulation and save energy by retaining heat in the room.

  • Efficiency and functionality-

Enhancing functionality and efficiency is one more eminent use of blinds. The blinds which are operated by using cords might seem hard to function as you need to pull up the string by exerting a lot of strength. So, in case you want to get an easy blind and hassle-free handle, you might choose mechanized or vertical blinds as a good option. Additionally, if you wish to bring in more amount of air and light to your property, then you can install slatted blinds which can be adjusted as per your preference.

You can get premium Australian made blinds in Croydon. We dedicatedly work towards offering stylish window coverings which are a blend of design, aesthetics, and superior quality. Our blinds are available in a variety of colours, styles and materials and are budget-friendly. So, browse through our collection and pick up some exclusive wall coverings for your property.


Here are 5 takeaways to think about when choosing window furnishings for your home:


  1. Sunlight
    What level of sun exposure does each window get? Choose a solution that is practical and can withstand the level of sun exposure.
  2. Privacy
    How much privacy does each room need? Do you need total block out or just a sheer cover?
  3. Design
    Do you want to make a feature out of your window furnishings or would you rather opt for a subtle ‘barely there’ aesthetic.
  4. Usage
    How often will you be opening and closing. Help that to guide your decision making process.
  5. Colour
    Always get samples to view in your home. Look online for inspiration to get a feel for what looks you like!




Source and originally written by : Community Journal

Plaza Fabric

Plaza Fabric

Traditional floral scroll and trellis designs reinterpreted in modern Jacquard construction. Available in matching colour-ways, the Plaza collection is the perfect balance of modern and classic.



Introducing Torino Fabric!

Luxury is brought to the next level with the beautifully drapeable semi-sheer Torino. Featuring a bold stripe and designed in five softly textured colour-ways, this collection speaks absolute luxury and refined quality.

Roof Garden

Roof Garden

The Roof Garden Collection

It provides endless styling opportunities with floral and geometric prints in different scales. This beautiful ‘mix and match’ printed drapery and accessory fabric collection comes in four versatile colour-stories across four designs.


Matami Collection

Described as a classic, luxurious Jacquard velvet range, the Matmi collection has been revived with a modern twist. It comprises of three designs in varying scales with three opulent colour-ways of Gold, Navy and Ebony. The traditional Ikate damask designs and all-over textures are translated into a velvet heavyweight upholstery fabric.
Although plush and soft to touch, the collection is woven in a well – wearing upholstery construction.



Plaza Collection

Traditional floral scroll and trellis designs reinterpreted in modern Jacquard construction. Available in matching
colour-ways, the Plaza collection is the perfect balance of modern and classic.




Parisi Collection

Relaunching a true classic in a fresh colour palette, the Parisi drapery collection has introduced four new subtle shades that reflect this season’s interior trends such as, soft pinks and greens balanced with a natural palette of linen and white.



Another New fabric from one of our suppliers!

ROWE introduces Arcadia
Pleated sheer drapery with clear lines and texture, this collection is modern and elegant. The neutral two-toned colour palette brings a contemporary feel while also adding a beautifully textured element to a space.



BINTA Fabric!

Textures of the world combine to bring you Binta. This collection of print and pattern creates the ultimate eclectic, traveled feel in a selection of natural blend fabrics. Inspired by tribal motifs and elemental colours, this mix and match range features four designs – Binta, Badru, Parsa and Tamala. This collection works collectively or exclusive to offer bold, beautiful statements sure to inspire and excite the senses.


Introducing! Nakaumi Fabric!
Drawing inspiration from the flow of water and geological formations, Nakaumi is a print and pattern collection part of our LINIA brand. Featuring three designs in four colourways, this assembly of fabrics work harmoniously together to bring timeless style and soothing, sensual tactility to a space. This striking trio of Nakaumi, Kitaura and Hamana create a captivating statement with depth and detail everywhere you look. Enhancing one another with layers, textures, motifs and colour to bring natures beauty into a multitude of sophisticated settings.
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Davina, Ovolo

Davina, Ovolo

Another New Fabric to love!

Davina, Ovolo
A selection of refined, high-end plains presents themselves in the form of Axiom, Arkley, Davina and Ovolo. Mutli-coloured, yarn-dyed, brushed and stonewashed processes make each of these fabrics uniquely special in their fibre content, construction and finishes – elevating them to an exquisite new level and quality. Texture and colour are key components in plain fabrics and these collections are no exception. Each element has been carefully considered, allowing these fabrics to integrate and coordinate effortlessly into interiors of any style and nature.
Arkley, Axiom

Arkley, Axiom

Introducing Warwick’s new fabric!

Arkley, Axiom
Earth’s finest fibres have been assembled, intertwined and refined – bringing you a selection of elegant and exquisite natural blend fabrics. Working closely with the world’s best mills, we have crafted a range of premium blends that boast effortless style and sophistication in a selection of organic colours, textures and finishes.

Australian made Blinds and Curtains




Salvador Fabric!

Introducing Salvador, a gorgeous new wide-width striped sheer. Woven from 100% natural Linen, Salvador is a classic design that will always look chic and fresh. The cloth is finished with Airo Hand, a special steam and hot air treatment that has multiple benefits, outlined below.
Benefits of Airo Hand
– Increase body and hand volume
– Softer Drape
– Greater dimensional stability
– Reduction of excess humidity
– Improved resiliance and crease resistance
– Eliminates the need for chemical finishing
More Tips!

More Tips!

More helpful tips on why choose us for your window furnishings! Our fabric Suppliers makes sure we give you ONLY the best!
How Zepel’s fabrics are more environmentally friendly.
  • Zepel’s fire retardant fabrics are environmentally safe and are not harmful to human health.
  • Being Fire retardant gives these ranges the following washing and eco-friendly making characteristics:
  • Requires less water
    • Lower temperature and therefore lower energy costs
    • Lower water absorption and higher dehydration reducing drying costs.
    • Lower maintenance costs (less cleaning agents to be used) and higher durability.
Originally written by: Zepel


Curtains have historically been a vastly popular option for window treatments because they add soft and delicate appeal to any room. Apart from decorative impact, they also offer high energy savings and good insulation for your home. Offering innumerable choices of materials, fabrics, designs, colours and styles, traditional or modern homes will benefit from the sheer number of options available.
Here are 10 Benefits of Curtains & Blinds
#1 Stops Direct Sunlight
#2 Climate Control
#3 Privacy
#4 Insulates Your Home
#5 Creates A Barrier
#6 Noise Insulation
#7 Adds Value to Your Home
#8 Enhances Your Décor
#9 Secures Your Home
#10 Transforms a Space


Warwick Fabric

Another one of our awesome suppliers! -Warwick:
Warwick has grown to include showrooms in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has established an extensive international network to be at the forefront of design and distribution.Warwick is continuing to meet the evolving needs of today’s competitive global markets by constantly updating collections and pushing boundaries.
They are committed to fulfilling a promise of innovation, quality and service, now and into the future.
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Auto Awnings

Auto Awnings – Exterior Awnings are by far the best heat protection for windows in our harsh Australian climate. Choose from a number of different styles and a large range of canvas and sheer woven fabrics to suit your home.

Service and quality has always been our priority…

Zepel Fabrics

One of our fabric suppliers:
We make sure to give you only the best fabrics for your window furnishings.

Insight about Zepel
Zepel fabrics are designed in Australia and Europe and boast the best of European trends while being uniquely suited to the harsh climatic conditions of Australasia. A strategic partnership with Belgium’s Bru Textiles provides technical expertise, innovative fabric qualities and unsurpassed quality standards to Zepel’s textile range.

Visit our website :

Australian made Blinds and Curtains

Eyelet Curtains

When you choose new curtains for your room, you will have a variety of different decisions to make. You will need to select a fabric, colour, style and perhaps even pick a pattern or print. You will also want to think about selecting the right header for your curtain. One of the most popular curtain headers that we offer is the eyelet design. Eyelet curtains are a contemporary header option that will look perfect in any room within your home.

Australian made Blinds and Curtains

Decorator Rods

Commonly made of wood, metal or plastic, curtain rods are usually exposed to view and are often seen as decorative features in their own right, complementing the curtains they hold up. To top them off, ornamental end-stops, called finials, stop the curtain from sliding off the rods

Benefits of Decorator Rods.
Available in alternative materials such as wood, iron, enamel & stainless steel.
The rods can be easily installed
The filials come in alternative shapes & sizes

Along with all of our products they are custom made and made in Australia

Australian made Blinds and Curtains

Swags and Tails

Swag and tails are the ultimate choice when it comes to dressing up windows because of their sophisticated finish when adorned with gorgeous fabrics and crafted with trim fringes and braids. Beautifully draped curtains elaborated with decorative swag and tails offers the perfect backdrop for rooms with more classic and traditional finishes, but modern varieties are now available from Integrity Blinds to incorporate this stunning visual element into any home.

Australian made Blinds and Curtains

Padded Pelmets

Padded pelmets are a great idea when it comes to insulating your windows. These boxes set over windows help to eliminate the loss of cooling and heat, while adding a decorative finish to your curtains and draperies. Made from a myriad of finishes, you’ll have access to numerous styles based on the existing décor of your home and even your own personal taste.
Features of our padded pelmets include:
•Superior insulation to prevent heat gain or loss in your home.
•Custom-made options available to reflect your existing décor.
•Different styles, patterns, colours and finishes available
Australian made Blinds and Curtains
Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds

Vision blinds are visually spectacular alternate choices to the more conventional roller blind and Venetian blind choices. They are vastly soaring in popularity because they bring together the perfect combination of light and privacy control, while injecting a stylish finish to your windows with bold fabrics and striking designs. The sheer fabrics used offer excellent light filters, while giving you complete privacy within your home.

Features of our Vision blinds include:
• Marvellous design and manufacturing prowess for superior visual appeal.
• Subtle metallic tones, spectacular sheer finishes and natural wood weaves.
• Closes up into a striking rail to offer an uninterrupted outdoor view


Weyland is an organic looking blockout coated plain that gives the effect of a linen fabric, with all the ease of poly and an added bonus of 3-pass blockout coating. The fabric is woven at 280cm, and can be used both up the role and continuous, allowing for extra-wide curtains without seams. The blockout coating achieves the highest rating of UPF50+ making it the safe choice for all domestic application.
For more info and color choices please visit our website
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Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds have been creatively designed to outfit the outdoor windows and doors of your home, whether on patios, decks, sheds or other external living areas. Made from fabrics that are resilient to sun, wind and rains, outdoor blinds are known for their strength, stability and resilience in all weather conditions. They are usually made from easy maintenance and quick drying fabrics to prevent the growth of mould and mildew over time.

Features of our outdoor blinds include:

  • Weather resilient and mould-free fabrics.
  • Built to last for the long term.
  • Superior insulation to protect your home from heat loss or gain.
  • Adds both aesthetic and functional value to homes.

.Australian made Blinds and Curtains




Harris Blockout

Harris is a welcome addition to the Filigree stable of blockout fabrics.
A natural look plain weave, with a contrast fleck in the warp and weft direction, creates a perfect basic that is anything but! The dry-finish face fabric is combined with a 3-pass blockout coating that provides the superior light blocking and the thermal properties you have come to expect from Filigree.
The choice colourways present a variety of neutrals with an emphasis on trendy greys and fashion blues.
Visit our website at:
To view all of Maurice Kains available fabrics visit their website Australian made Blinds and Curtains

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds deliver unparalleled exquisiteness without negotiating on high-impact functionality for your home. They are not only easy to operate, but their powder coated finishes ensure long-term durability, so that you don’t have to worry about changing them for a long time to come.
Features of our aluminium Venetian blinds include:
– Range of metallic and regular colours.
– Customised options for all window sizes.
– Ability to control sunlight easily with close slats.
– Enhanced security and privacy at all times.
– Seamless operation complying with child-safety regulations.

Filigree Supremo

Base on the ongoing success of Supremo sheer, we have extended the colourline to 12 colours, including a host of on-trend shades of grey. Supremo still has all the exceptional features that you have come to know and trust such as:
– Extra long drop of 330cm
– Fire Retardant to AS/NZS 1530.2 & 3.
– European Manufactured
– Increased yarn strength
– Increased density in construction
– Weighted base on hem (continuous)
– Superior Light Fastest result
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Australian made Blinds and Curtains


Our timber Venetian blinds have been specially designed to cater to different styles of homes without negotiating on aesthetic appeal and practical function. Timber presents a naturally stunning look to any home and can transform the look of any room almost instantly. Our timber blinds are suited to all kinds of rooms and are available in different types of wood materials.
Features of our timber Venetian blinds include:
• Superior light and privacy control for your home interiors.
• Veiled functional mechanisms for high decorative appeal.
• Good sound, cold and heat insulation.
• Numerous finishes to replicate the look of your home.
• Easy-to-remove slats for seamless cleaning.
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